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About the Blog

Above treeline in Italy's Dolomites

Above treeline in the Italian Dolomites: Conditions change quickly and without warning. Just like life. 

The terrain above treeline is harsh with unexpected bumps and obstacles…

It has views that can be far reaching, or shrouded by surprise storms…

It offers perspective and rewards for having stayed the course and made the climb — but you can fall and break and ankle, or die of hypothermia when the gods turn mean, and sometimes there are rocks and cliffs but no place to hide…

… Sound familiar? It all has an awful lot in common with middle age.

When I started this blog, I thought I’d be blogging about adventures and travel. Then my partner and I suffered the year of medical hell, involving (between the two of us) diagnoses of diabetes, cancer, and stroke along with three surgeries and radiation. For a while, our energies were directed elsewhere. The blog went quiet. Yet here we are on the other side of all that, standing on our little perch on our mountain, looking around, and balancing all the wonderful things our lives contain.

And we’ve lost 160 pounds between the two of us. Because, if there’s one thing getting sick can do, it’s to make you determined to regain your health.

Karen and David before…
… and after


So — as with climbing a mountain — my view has expanded, my perspective has been broadened.  This blog is about what I can see from the rocky, beautiful, sometimes dangerous, and always worthwhile high country of middle age.

It’s also about how we’re doing what we’re doing: Losing weight, staying healthy, and patching together making a living from teaching, playing music, writing, and photography.

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