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Karen Berger
Karen Berger
  • New York Times bestselling travel author
  • Winner of 2015 gold Lowell Thomas Award for best travel book
  • More than 20 other awards
  • Author of 17 books
  • Editor, award-winning travel website Buckettripper.com 


“When memory music turns off, mountain music begins… Water is the melody. High up, the water trickles and drips; lower down, it cascades and roars. Crossing over a creek that drains one of the Three Sisters peaks, I hear the water echoing against a nearby rock, and I wonder if it always echoes. Will this water sing to this rock for all eternity? Will the rock always answer?”

…excerpted from Along the Pacific Crest Trail, by Karen Berger

water and rock

For as long as I can remember, my passions have remained the same: Reading and writing. The outdoors and nature. Music. And anything pertaining to other countries and cultures.

So I wrote 17 books. I explored the world on foot, hiking more than 18,000 miles on six continents and spending more than 1000 nights sleeping in a tent.  I developed expert skills in skiing , horseback riding,  and scuba diving . I studied classical piano in college. And I put it all together in a  writing career has taken me around the world — and onto the New York Times bestsellers list.

I gravitate to stories that make connections between art, nature, and culture;  stories that celebrate travel experiences that are authentic and unexpected.  My stories share my love for wild places and my expertise in a variety of adventure activities.  Most importantly, I showcase people, programs, and travel opportunities that are making the world a little saner, healthier, more peaceful… better.

Please check out my newest book, America’s Great Hiking Trails, (Rizzoli, 2014; also published  by National Geographic in German). In 11 essays, I explore each of America’s national scenic trails. Or read my recent cover story in the Saturday Evening Post, celebrating the 100th birthday of the National Park Service.

America’s Great Hiking Trails earned the following accolades:



  • If you’re an avid outdoorsperson, visit me at hikerwriter.com, where I share adventures and practical knowledge gleaned from hiking some 18,000 miles all over the world.
  • If you’re a traveler in search of unique, quirky, authentic experience, check out the award-winning website I edit, Buckettripper.com.
  • If you’re looking for the Karen Berger who teaches, plays, and writes about piano,… that’s me too. (Yes, I’m a Gemini!) You’ll find info about my music, teaching, and music journalism at my piano website.
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